Press Release July 9th 2015


Voidrunner, a surreal flight game powered by Unreal Engine 4, announced for PC,MAC & Linux.


Istanbul, Turkey - July 9th, 2015 – RealityArts officially announced Voidrunner, a surreal flight game created in Unreal Engine 4. Voidrunner is a fast reflex flight game that you have to fly, race and fight in richly detailed surreal environments.

Voidrunner won the Steam Greenlight in 4 days in January and it has been in development since. RealityArts celebrates the official announcement with new gameplay trailers:

Click here for Teaser Trailer 3
Click here for Teaser Trailer 2

Voidrunner sets in the Void; an inter-dimensional game world like a Purgatory. So it’s neither a traditional flying game nor a space simulator. It’s a unique gameplay experience that you can play in very different type of environments as you continue your journey through the Void. The basic gameplay is to race, fight and survive to reach the end level portal before time runs out.

The game has 6 single & multiplayer modes as well as an epic storyline campaign. Players will have the ability to modify their vehicles as they level up and unlock new vehicles, modifications and levels. There will be Arena Battlefields for large online battles set in the beautiful and bizarre environments of the Void.

RealityArts has big plans for Voidrunner. It is a unique combination of flying experience with RPG elements and there will be more to be announced at a later date. Current set of features and latest information can be obtained from our official web site and Facebook page.

Voidrunner is currently in Alpha and planned for release in the second quarter of 2016 for PC, MAC & Linux. It will also be released for next generation consoles in late 2016.

RealityArts is small independent studio in Istanbul, Turkey. It was founded to create immersive experiences in the entertainment industry. The company’s key style is based on designs and feelings about what is to be experienced beyond our imagination and consciousness. Voidrunner will be the studio’s first title.